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free dui attorney

Free DUI Attorney vs. Paid DUI Attorney

Free DUI Attorney vs. Paid DUI Attorney Those considered indigent, or without financial resources to adequately raise a rigorous defense against their DUI charges, will be examined in open court during arraignment. Provided the income requirements are met, those lacking the wherewithal will be appointed public defenders. Historically speaking, public defenders tend to get thousands […]
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drunk driving arrest

Cooperating with Police During a Drunk Driving Arrest

Cooperating With Police a During Drunk Driving Arrest Being arrested for drunk driving isn’t something we’re prepared to embellish.  Tears, fears and potential punishments race through your intoxicated mind, the alcohol obviously intensifying your emotional state.  Upon arriving at city or county jail, you’ll literally hit rock bottom seeing the numerous murderers, rapists and burglars […]
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