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Arizona DUI Laws


Are Sobriety Checkpoints Permitted Under Arizona Law?

Are Sobriety Checkpoints Permitted Under Arizona Law?

If you have been arrested for DUI at a sobriety checkpoint, you are probably wondering if police have the right to just make random stops of motorists and cite them for DUI. In Arizona, sobriety checkpoints are permitted. These sobriety checkpoints are also called roadblocks or mobile checkpoints. These […]

Can a Passenger be Charged with DUI in Arizona

Can a Passenger be Charged with DUI?

DUI refers to driving under the influence. As such, the term pertains solely to the individual operating the vehicle. If you’re riding in a car that’s operated by an intoxicated driver, you can’t be charged for their actions. Still, this question “can a passenger be charged with DUI?” interests […]

Drinking and Driving Laws with Other Means of Transportation

Drinking and Driving Laws, With Other Means of Transportation

When it comes to drinking and driving laws, most people think of the traditional means of transportation for this to happen, i.e. motor vehicles. Being arrested for drinking and driving is not isolated to just drinking and operating motor vehicles; there are many […]

Theories of Punishment and DUI – Phoenix Criminal Defense

Theories of Punishment and DUI

Introduction to Theories of Punishment and DUI

Theories for Punishment and DUI

When it comes to the American justice system, theories of punishment for crimes are a driving force in the execution of punishments. There have been four major theories of punishment for […]

Organizations to Stop Drinking and Driving

Introduction to Organizations to Stop Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving in the United States is a national problem that many people would view as an issue that is spiraling out of control. There are multiple groups in the United States that are dedicated to helping the issue of drinking and driving, either through more […]

DUI Implied Consent Law

What is the Implied Consent Law in Arizona? Have you consulted a DUI attorney regarding implied consent?

When you are pulled over because an officer has probable cause to believe that you are driving impaired you will usually be put through some kind of field sobriety test. These tests are typically in the form of a […]

DUI Defenses

A driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) can be a difficult thing to face.  If you are facing charges and a trial you need a good attorney who can represent you with a valid set of defenses.

If you have been charged, the prosecution needs to prove that you drove […]

Are DUI Laws in Arizona Fair?

Laws in Arizona regarding driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs have left many citizens confused and looking for answers. Are these laws even fair?

Consider the following two situations about defendants who were charged in the state of Arizona with DUI.

The first defendant is a student at ASU. After class he meets with friends […]